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Pictorial History: Mississippi in Architecture, Assembled and Arranged by W.P.A. Historical Research Project

Top left: "Above Center: 'The old Spell home in Covington County, on land cleared from virgin forest, was built about 1831. The 'boy' house was erected at the time the pecan tree was planted in 1856." Top right: "Oval - center: Granny Spell, who has spent her life on the old Spell places smiles reminiscently as she poses for her picture - A real, living example of the sturdy pioneering builders of Mississippi." Center left: "Above: a century old hand hewed log cabin that was built by slave labor to house slaves on a Noxubee County plantation." Center right: "Above: a primative log barn belonging to a first settler in Noxubee County; it is located on the Rawleigh-Brewer Plantation." Bottom: "A typical negro log cabin in the hill country near Sardis, Panola County - well chinked to keep out wind and rain as well as the occasional snow. A modern roof offer little to detract from it's picturesqueness."