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Pictorial History: Mississippi in Architecture, Assembled and Arranged by W.P.A. Historical Research Project

Top left: "Above: The Joseph Wheat home was build in 1828, in Pearl River County, few changes have been made in it's original construction; see the hand hewed floor joists and the sawed log pillars supporting the porch. The water pail showing the dipper indicates a spring or a well for the water supply." Top right: "Above: The home of Mrs. O. Brachiere, in Vicksburg was built in 1835 by the Hon. William Lake; a beautiful, exceedingly well kept structure, reflecting the evident pride of it's owner. Notable is the use, by the builder architect of Doric columns and capitols on the porch while those flanking the door are Ionic…." Center: "Above: The venerable oak shown was planted by Dr. Backstrom in 1836 in front of the slave quarters along with several others, it is about five feet in diameter at the ground…." Bottom left: "Below: The Lewis home, at Woodville, Wilkinson County, was built about 1835 of red brick and stone, using a porch on the second floor of the same expanse as that on the ground floor, a vogue among architects who planned many of the old plantation homes in Vicksburg, Natchez and the nearby counties." Bottom right: "Below: 'A house of many doctor's' could be the name of the old house shown below. Built in 1836 or 1837 by Sam Dixon's father for Dr. J. L. Backstrom. Then came Dr. Elijah Lewis, John Daniel then W. J. Stribling who sired two doctors and a pharmacist. The Neshoba County home is still in the Stribling estate."