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Pictorial History: Mississippi in Architecture, Assembled and Arranged by W.P.A. Historical Research Project

Top left: "Above: Ruins of an old house at Biloxi, Harrison County, said to have been built about 1720. The walls had been made of clay using 'gray beard' moss as the binder, it has a thin coat of lime plaster." Top right: "Above: 'Springfield' - Jefferson County - where Andrew Jackson was married to Rachel Robard, is a fine type of Southern colonial architecture - built 1791 not far from Natchez, it is in a good state of preservation." Center left: "Above: the 'Mandamus House' - at … County, was built in 1772; now owned by M. E. Coffman." Center right: "'Airlie' - show place in Natchez, Adams County, the home of Misses Merrill, was built prior to 1790 - the grounds are beautifully kept as is the ancient building. The interior is a veritable storehouse of antique heirlooms." Bottom left: "Known as the old Mills home, in Canton, Madison County, the house shown above, flanked by a magnolia tree, planted more than a century ago, is reputed to be the oldest house in that town." Bottom right: "The Thompson home, near Rosetta, Franklin County, was originally built about 1783, a lot structure by John Thompson, one of the first settlers in the county, note the modified Greek entablature, typical of early Southern homes."