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Title:Hardeeā€™s geographical, historical and statistical map of Mississippi : [map] embracing portions of Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas, from recent surveys and investigations and officially compiled under authority from the state Legislature by T. S. Hardee, State engineer.
Author:Hardee, T. S. (Thomas S.)
Scale:1 inch to 12 miles
Situation Date:1872
Publication Date:1872
Features:Drainage, swamps, lakes, counties, public land survey grid, names of land districts, cities, towns, settlements, railroads, roads, ferries, river landings, mills, stores, schools, churches, sawmills.
Comments:General Note: [Approved July 12, 1872, by Governor R. C. Powers.]
Features Note: Small inset map "Railroad and Geological Map of Mississippi." Table indicating origin dates of counties, rail distances between towns, historical notes about the state, total square miles of each county.
Repository Note: 1868 edition on file at Library of Congress and Mississippi Archives, 1871 edition at Library of Congress.
Coverage:Mississippi and portions of Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana and Arkansas
Repository:Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division | Mississippi Department of Archives and History | National Archives and Records Administration, Cartographic and Architectural Records | University of Alabama | David Rumsey Historical Map Collection.
Publisher:New Orleans: Hugh Lewis, 1872
Size (inches):16.1 x 11.6
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