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Title:Geological Map of the United States Compiled by C.H. Hitchcock and W.P. Blake From Sources Mentioned in the Text.
Author:Hitchock, W.P. and Blake, W. P.
Scale:ca. 1 inch to 25 miles
Situation Date:1874
Publication Date:1874
Features:Nine major geologic units in the U.S. four of which are in Mississippi.
Comments:Bibliographic Note: In Statistical Atlas of the United States by Francis A. Walker. Part II. Plate XIV. 1874
Coverage:United States
Repository:National Archives and Records Administration, Cartographic and Architectural Records | David Rumsey Map Collection
Publisher:New York, Lith. by J. Bien, 1874
Size (inches):19.75 x 28.5
Link: 168~1130228:Geological-map-of-the-United-States