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Title: Dal P. Coronelli Due Gran Globi .... Per L'Accademia Cosmografica Degli Argonauti ... l'anno MDCLXXXVIII.
Author:Coronelli, Vincenzo, 1650-1718
Situation Date:1688
Features:Drainage, relief, lakes, Indian tribal areas, Indian settlements, territories, trails, forts, brief historical notes.
Comments:Title Note: General translation- From P. Two Great Coronelli Globes .... To The Academy Of Cosmografica Argonauts ... MDCLXXXVIII year. Alternate title- [Book of the globes] Gym literary or invitation of the 'academy à cosmografica his Argonauts
Features Notes: One trail links the coast of North Carolina with Gulf Coast area of Mississippi. Several brief historical notes mention La Salle.
Bibliographic Note: In Kaufman, K. Mapping of the Great Lakes, No. 13.
Repository Note: Color version is at of Illinois Library, University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign. The linked is:
Coverage:Eastern United States
Repository:John Carter Brown Library, Brown University.
Size (inches):16.6 X 9.8
Link: 5410003:-North-America-?qvq=q:9593;lc:JCB~1~1,JCBBOOKS~1~1,J CBMAPS~1~1,JCBMAPS~2~2,JCBMAPS~3~3&mi=0&trs=3