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Title:Americae sive qvartae orbis partis nova et exactissima descriptio / avctore Diego Gvtiero Philippi Regis Hisp. etc. Cosmographo ; Hiero. Cock excvde. 1562 ; Hieronymus Cock excude cum gratia et priuilegio 1562.
Author:GutiƩrrez, Diego (fl. 1554-1569)
Scale:1 inch to 276 miles.
Situation Date:1562
Publication Date:[1562]
Features:Drainage, Relief, bays, inlets, natural features-named, possible Indian settlements, Regional designations, e.g. Tierra Florida.
Comments:Title Note: General translation- America or the fourth part of the world a new and exact description / avtore Diego Gvtiero Philip King of Spain. etc.. Cosmographia; Hiero. Cocker excvde 1562: Jerome Cocker printed with grace and privilege of 1562.
Repository Note: From the Rosenwald Collection, Library of Congress, no. 1303.
Coverage:North and South America.
Repository:Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division.
Publisher:[Antwerp], 1562.
Size (inches):32.6 X 33.8