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Title:Johnson's New Illustrated & Embellished County Map Of The Republics Of North America With The Adjacent Islands & Countries, Compiled Drawn & Engraved From U. States Land & Coast Surveys, British Admiralty & other Reliable Sources. By D. Griffing Johnson, New York & Washington. 1859. Entered ... 1856 by D.G. & A.J. Johnson ... New York.
Author:Johnson, A.J.; Johnson, D. Griffing
Scale:1 inch to 48 miles.
Situation Date:1859
Publication Date:1859
Features:Drainage, relief, lakes, Indian nations, territories, states, counties, cities, towns, forts, roads, trails, railroads.
Comments:Features Note: Contains table of distances between principal towns by roads and water. Contains table of various sociology-economic data by state from 1850 census- foreign population, white, non-white, slaves, farm and crop values, school attendance, literacy.
Coverage:United States, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean.
Repository:David Rumsey Map Collection.
Publisher:A.J. Johnson. New York , 1859
Size (inches):70.4 X 65.7
Link: 3535~3001689:Johnson-s-New-Illustrated-&-Embelli?sort=Pub_Li st_No_InitialSort&qvq=q:mississippi;sort:Pub_List_No_Initial Sort;lc:RUMSEY~8~1&mi=30&trs=922