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Title:(Sheet 3) United States of Nth. America Carte des Etats-Unis de L'Amerique Septentrionale Copiee et Gravee sur celle d'Arrowsmith Corrigee...
Author:Tardieu, P.F
Scale:1 inch to 9.2 miles
Situation Date:1820
Publication Date:1820
Features:Drainage, relief, lakes, some natural features-named, Indian settlements, towns, communities, forts, roads, e.g.Natchez Trace,
Comments:Title Note: General translation- Map of the United States of America The North copied and written to the Arrowsmith [map]corrected...
Coverage:Southeast U.S. west of Carolina's.
Repository: David Rumsey Map Collection
Publisher:P.F. Tardieu Paris
Size (inches):58.6 X 54.7
Link: 5951~3003366:-Sheet-3--United-States-of-Nth--Ame?sort=Pub_Li st_No_InitialSort%2CPub_Date%2CPub_List_No%2CSeries_No&qvq=q :mississippi;sort:Pub_List_No_InitialSort%2CPub_Date%2CPub_L ist_No%2CSeries_No;lc:RUMSEY~8~1&mi=4&trs=922