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Title:Mapa de los límites de los Cherakees con los ingleses, los conseguidos y los pretendidos por los norteamericanos en la vertiente oriental de la cuenta del Mississipi
Author:Carondelet, Luis Héctor, barón de (1748-1807)
Situation Date:1794
Features:Drainage-named, Indian nations, Indian settlements, Indian American boundaries, towns, forts.
Comments:Title Note: General translation- Map [of] Cherokee boundaries with the English, made ​​and intended by the Americans on the eastern slope of the account of the Mississippi. Alternate title- [Map of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers from Natchez Fort to the Illinois River and eastward as far as Pennsylvania.]
Features Note: "No.2" at upper left corner.
Coverage:Illinois River south to Natchez, Mississippi, East to Eastern Appalachians.
Repository:Harvard Map Collection-Karpinski series S 11-3-1 |
Language:English, Spanish
Link: accion=4&txt_id_desc_ud=19312