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Title:A Map of the Indian Nations in the Southern Department, 1766.
Author:Stuart, John (1718-1779); Brahm, John Gerar William De (1717-ca. 1799)
Scale:1 inch to 23.6 miles.
Situation Date:1766
Features:Drainage, relief, Indian nations, Indian settlements-named, towns, forts.
Comments:Features Note: Shows the names of many Indian settlements in the areas of Central and Northern Mississippi, Northern Alabama, Northwest Georgia and Eastern Tennessee.
Bibliographic Note: Reproduced in Cumming 1998, pl. 61.] The University of Georgia image (see link) is the reproduction published as Map 1 in John Stuart and the Southern Colonial Frontier by John R. Alden (University of Michigan Press, 1944).] Repository Note: The link image is a Facsimile of the original manuscript map now in the Clements Library, University of Michigan.
Coverage:Southeast U.S.
Repository:University of Georgia, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Size (inches):19.6 X 24.8