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Title:The Federal Aid highway system progress map.
Author:United States Bureau of Public Roads.
Scale:1 inch to 7.8 miles
Situation Date:1934
Publication Date:1934
Features:Drainage, lakes, counties, townships, cities, towns, communities, roads (see Features Comments).
Comments:Publication Note: "Published in accordance with act of Congress approved Nov. 9, 1921, creating the Federal Aid Highway System. Data corrected to Dec. 31, 1934."
Print Note: Two Sheets
Features Note: Depicts six highway/Federal aid categories
Links Note:
Coverage:Northern and Southern half's of the state on separate sheets.
Repository:Mississippi Department of Archives and History.
Publisher: Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Public Roads, 1934 .
Size (inches):20 X 28.3
Link: ionumber=72546 map=72546-map-01 and map=72546-map-02