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Title: Record Number:72670 The alluvial valley of the Mississippi River to accompany report of Major General Edgar Jadwin, Chief of Engineers, December 1, 1927 : plan of the Army Engineers for flood control
Author: Jadwin, Edgar
Situation Date:1927
Publication Date:1927
Features:Relief, drainage, protected areas, flood protection works, backwater limits, towns.
Comments:Feature Notes: Contains notes on area in square miles of flood protected areas, unprotected areas, cleared, swamp and timber land combined.
Publisher Note: United States Army.Corps of Engineers.; United States Congress.69th : 1926-1928); United States Congress.House.
Coverage:Desoto, Warren, Issaquena, Sunflower, Bolivar, Tunica, Yazoo, Washington,
Repository:Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Publisher:Washington, United States Army.Corps of Engineers, 1927.
Size (inches):8.2 X 19.2
Link: ionumber=72670 map=72670-map-01