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Title:Auto Road Map of Mississippi
Situation Date:1924
Publication Date:1924
Features:Drainage, Counties, cities, towns, communities-populations noted, railroads, roads-national trails, state highways-numbered, paved, dirt and improved, tourist campgrounds.
Comments:Features Note: Numbered "Trail and Highways Markings" include: Miss. River Scenic Hwy., Jefferson Hwy., Southern National Hwy., Old Spanish Trail, Miss. Valley Hwy., Lone Star Route, Bankhead Hwy, Magnolia Route, Lee Hwy., Lone Star Trail, Dixie Overland Hwy., Jackson Hwy. Crown gasoline, Standard Oil gas stations noted with a red dot. table of distances and intersections noted on reverse side.
Repository:Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Publisher:Chicago : Rand McNally & Co. , 1924
Link: ionumber=73258 map=73258-map-01 and map=73258-map-02