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Title:Map of the city of Natchez suburbs : Adams County, Mississippi
Author:Babbet, Charles W. C.E. [Civil Engineer], City and County Surveyor
Scale:See Comments
Situation Date:1891
Features:Detailed drainage, relief, wooded areas, corporate limits, estates, blocks, lots-some designated, neighborhoods with additions, names of land owners, Shooting park, asylums, cemeteries, Natchez College, gas house, coal yard, ferry landing, hospital, brick yard, foundry, roads-named, railroad with old line depicted, bridges-named, Fort Rosalie site.
Comments:Scale Note: Contains a bar scale
Features Note: Contains notes on elevations and historical narrative of the city.
Coverage:Natchez, Adams County
Repository:Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Size (inches):33.8 X 41.7
Link: ionumber=69666 map=69666-01-map