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Title:Descripcion Geografica de la parte que los EspaƱoles poseen Actualmente en el Continente de la Florida ...
Author:Puente, Juan Josef Elixio de la
Situation Date:1769
Type:Manuscript [?]
Features:Drainage-named, bays-named, relief, Indian nations, Indian settlements, province boundaries, forts, trails.
Comments:Title Note: General translation- Current geographical description of explorations in Spanish Florida.
Features Note: Depicts boundaries of lands possessed by France and Spain. Contains a list describing land claims by nation and exploration of 20 places.
Bibliographic Note: In Cumming, William P. 1998: The Southeast in Early Maps. 3rd edition, revised and enlarged by Louis De Vorsey, Jr. University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill.
Coverage:United States mostly east of the Mississippi River.
Repository:Harvard Map Collection, Karpinski series S 25-2-1. | Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division.