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Title:Plano de una parte de las provincias de la Florida, comprendida entra la barra de Santa Eleana y Rio Mississippi
Author:Puente, Juan Josef Elixio de la
Situation Date:1768
Features:Drainage-named- at confluence of coastal areas, coastal islands-named,Indian settlements, forts, trails.
Comments:Title Note: General translation- Map of part of the provinces of Florida, including the entrances to the Santa Eleana and Mississippi River.
Features Note: Contains a listing noting the latitude/longitude of twenty-two places. Contains an extensive narrative describing the history and geography of the area.
Coverage:Coastal areas of Florida, Southern Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi (Harrison, Hancock, Jackson counties), Louisiana and Mississippi River north to Natchez.
Repository:Harvard Map Collection, Karpinski series S 15-2-1. | Newberry Library