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Title:This Chart was transmitted by Col. Bull (President and Comander in Chief of South Carolina) with his Representation to the Board of Trade dated the 25th of May, 1738. Recd. July ye 27th, 1738.
Author:Bull, William (1683-1755)
Situation Date:[1738]
Features:Drainage, lakes, Indian nations and Indian settlements- some with population noted, towns, communities, forts, trails and Route taken by Captain Welsh in the year 1698.
Comments:Bibliographic Note: Reproduced in Verne E. Chatelain"s 1941: The Defenses of Spanish Florida, 1565 to 1763; Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington, D.C. (as depicted in link provided.)
Features Note: Contains numerous annotations describing natural geography and cultural events at various places.
Coverage:Southeast U.S.
Repository:Public Record Office (UK), CO 700 / Florida 2.]