About the Archives and Records Services Division

The Archives and Records Services Division is responsible for the operation of the state archives and management of government records. Under the direction of Julia Marks Young, the division encompasses more than fifty full-time employees in seven sections—Paper Archives, Published Information, Image & Sound, Electronic Archives, Reference Services, Computer Services, and Government Records.

The Paper Archives section describes and catalogs all the department's unpublished paper holdings, such as letters, diaries, and journals, as well as manuscripts. The Published Information section is responsible for printed works. The Image and Sound section cares for audiovisual materials and reformatting services for all of the department's holdings. The Electronic Archives section maintains and serves "born digital" files and digitized copies of other collections.

Reference Services offers patrons access to the archives' holdings, assists patrons researching in the library, and conducts research requests by mail, email, and telephone. The Computer Services section provides technical support for the A&RS staff and visitors to the archives reading rooms.

The Government Records section combines all functions relating to state and local government records. This consolidation allows MDAH to achieve a more unified approach to the management of government records and provide more integrated services to state and local government agencies. Most Archives and Records Services Division offices are in the William F. Winter Archives and History Building, 200 North Street, Jackson.

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