Old Time Music Festival May 15 at HJC

The third annual Great Big Yam Potatoes Festival will be held May 15 on the grounds of Historic Jefferson College. It is the stateís only old-time fiddle music festival. The free event will feature competitive fiddling in a Pee Wee, Junior, and Senior divisions as well as performances by groups and individuals throughout the day. Arthur Davis, owner of the Old Country Store in Lorman, will be selling fried chicken for lunch. Many attendees arrive on Friday night and camp on the grounds.


9 a.m.—R.W. Gray plays a mix of Old Time and Irish music along with a little Woody Guthrie.

10 a.m.—Mississippi Reeves Jones plays original material and explores blues geography and the life of Mississippi John Hurt.

11 a.m.—Johnny and Beth Rawls play guitar and clawhammer banjo. Noon—Connie and Hal sing harmonies and play guitar, fiddle, and mandolin on Old Time gospel songs.

12:30 p.m.—Childrensí storyteller Lizzie Turner.

1 p.m.—The Dead Fiddlers Collective, featuring Edwin MacAllister on strings, fiddler Kate Morgan, and Mellisa Haus playing Old Time, gospel, klezmer, and Irish tunes, supported by a jug rhythm section.

2 p.m.—The Canegrinders are Buzz, Buddy, Willy, and Faith, poets and philosophers of the fiddle and the clawhammer banjo. The group will show how ladies and gentleman should behave in society—while still having a good time.

3 p.m.—Pat and Cindiís Cajun Retinue. Patís Cajun accordion and Cindiís flat top box, along with Shea OíMiresí snare drum, join together with a string section for Cajun, Old Time, cross-tuning fiddle with waltzes and mazurkas.

4 p.m.—Bridging the Gap, featuring lap dulcimer, banjo, and fiddle on Old Time, folk and Irish music.

Great Big Yam Potatoes is co-sponsored by the Mississippi Fiddlers Association and MDAH. For more information contact Robert Gray at 601-984-1210 or by email.

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