2010 Annual Report

MDAH Expands Access to Digital Collections

MDAH staff has worked hard over the past few years to expand the resources we offer online.

Archival Resources

By the end of the year approximately 146,000 images and 17,500 digital files were available online. Among the year’s significant additions to the Web-accessible Digital Archives were the Milburn J. Crowe photograph album, which consists of ninety photographs (1860–1900) of Mound Bayou founders Isaiah Thornton Montgomery and Benjamin Titus Green and their family and friends; and the Anti-Slavery Alphabet (Philadelphia, 1846), a sixteen-page child’s booklet printed for the Anti-Slavery Fair. Other additions include completion of the Cooper Postcard Collection, 165 historical maps, and images from the Hurricane Camille and the Mississippi State Penitentiary (Parchman) collections.

Archaeological and Architectural Resources

MDAH is continuing to digitize its archaeological and architectural files to make them available online. Once the material is online, data subscriptions will be available to qualified consultants.


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