Two Museums…One Mississippi

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The following comments that have been received at community meetings held to date are a sample of the ideas that are providing input for the exhibit design and architect teams.

From Tougaloo Public Meeting on January 26, 2012

1. How is Mississippi different now than before the Civil Rights Movement? What work is still undone?

a. Blacks may be worse off. Less black ownership. Students in some schools still do not get books. Education! Blacks still being imprisoned.

b. The needle of progress has moved. Yet Mississippi still represents a state of stark contrasts. White/Black; Rural/Urban; Have/Have Nots; Abundance of Natural Resources/Deep-Seated Poverty.

2. Tell us your favorite story about the Civil Rights Movement—one that for you epitomizes the spirit of the Movement.

a. Fannie Lou Hamer being jailed. Story of strength and the extremes involved with voter registration.

b. Ordinary people carrying out extraordinary acts, specifically women, the poor, and students. The impact the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement had on the nation (politics, legislation).

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